The Best Workout

By Christine Wyrick / Clovis, US

I started taking Dina's kettlebell classes almost 2 years ago. Since then I've lost 57 lbs. and went from a size 16 to a size 4. This is by far the best workout ever. Dina is very motivating and she knows when I can push myself harder. Love it!!!







Most knowledgable KB instructor!

By Emily Silveira / Clovis, USA

Dina's training sessions are the most fulfilling workouts I've ever done. She studies her clients and then tailors a hardcore training session just for them based on fitness levels, injuries, and fitness goals. So many trainers say that they do this BUT THEY DON'T. Dina is a very focused and professional instructor and your time spent with her is NEVER wasted. I have been plagued with sports injuries for years and even when I'm feeling sore or experiencing limited range of motion, Dina knows how to train me without further aggravating the injuries, and I alway leave there sweating! And I love that she is respectful and careful of my injuries and watches me closely to make sure I workout safely. At 8 months pregnant I am still training with Dina. She designed a low impact KB workout just for me and monitors me closely at each training session. I know these workouts are beneficial for me & baby, and I attribute the pregnancy workouts to how great I feel during pregnancy. Dina truly is the most comprehensive KB trainer I have worked with, and I look forward to training with her for years to come!







Best Workout Ever!!

By Melissa Spencer / Madera, USA

I started doing Kettlebells on a consistent basis with Dina about 5 months ago and I have seen amazing results in weight loss and muscle tone. I am in the best shape that I have ever been in thanks to Dina's Kettlebell training. Because of Dina's knowledge and motivation, I have become addicted to Kettlebell's and always look forward to her new challenges and moves that she continuously designs. Dina's classes are by far the best 45 minutes of cardio, core and weight training one could get. I have yet to get bored in one of her classes or finish a class thinking I didn't get a great workout! Thanks Dina!!







The Best Workout of my life!!!

By Katrina Casillas / Fresno, Ca

I have been doing personal training for over a year at other gyms and got good results...a friend told me about Dina Juve and her kettlebell trainning. I tried her class one night when my trainer (at the time) could not get me in, I absouelty love it! Her kettle classes have taken me to a higher level of health and fitness. After one month of kettle classes my body as totally transformmed! My husband has also commented on how my body is changing and I swear its all because of these classes!! I was doing three to four personal trainning sessions at an hour at a time. With Dina's kettles I am only doing 2 classes a week at 45 min







Best total body excercise at any age

By Lois Hansen / Clovis, CA/span>

Dina is an incredible trainer and person. I started taking private lessons with her just to make sure I could do the workouts (Let's just say I am one of the older ones in class and I was not on a regular workout schedule). She is knowledgeable, focused on form, and concerned that everyone in class gets the best workout. I have seen such an improvement in my body and workouts, she is awesome. I highly recommend her kettlebell classes to anyone.







I enjoy working out!

By Farah Mohammadi / Fresno, CA

I hadn't enjoyed a workout for a long time, until I started to go to Dina's classes! She makes working out fun and her encouragement makes you want to work harder! I love her workouts and I always feel better after taking her classes. When I couldn't make it to the classes for an extended period of time, I picked up a few personal training sessions too and really loved those as well. I am definitely seeing results and working areas that have not shown improvement in years and I have found some muscles that I didn't know were around! During classes, I love her ability to know where you need help in your moves and that she can always watch the entire room! It's amazing I tell you! She is completely talented and inspiring and this is a workout I see myself doing and enjoying for a long time :)




Amazing and Supportive!

By Andie C / Santa Fe, NM

Dina assisted our team at my RKC training in CA. She was amazing - her corrections and comments were clear and easy to understand. She is so positive and supportive - she makes you want to give it your all. My skills improved tremendously with her help and I had a great time learning from her. Get your booty to her studio - you'll be glad you did!







Two for the price of one

By Linda Lester / Fresno Ca

Some of my friends need two instructors. One for weight training and one for cardio. With Dina I get 2 for the price of one. Fantastic aerobic training for weight loss and challenging weight lifting for tightening, toning and muscle building. I have trusted Dina to help keep me motivated and in the same size skinny jeans for 5 years.







Best KB Instructor

By Sean / Fresno, CA

I have known Dina for almost two years and she has always been the consummate instructor. She cares more about her clients needs & goals than anyone I have ever met. Her knowledge and communication for her Kettlebell classes, before during & after, is second to none. I had incredible results from her classes and have continued to share this with new guests and members.







Cardio and Lifting at the same time

By Dave Bush / Fresno

What a great workout!! I play alot of basketball and lift weights to keep fit. Dina's Kettlebell class is a fun, alternative workout that strenghtens muscles not normally conditined by cardio and weight training exercises. I believe this alternative conditioning helps to prevent injuries and elevates my fitness to a higher level. I would highly recommend Dina's Kettlebell class for all 50+ athletes.







Best exercise for us "baby boomers"

By Suzi Rathbone / Fresno

Dina is incredible and I would reccomend her highly. I was hesitant to do Kettlebell due to having carpel tunnel surgery in one hand and trying to prevent surgery in the other. I got bored with weights at the gym and needed something to kick up my exercise routine a notch or two. Plus I wanted to increase upper body strength and get rid of the "arm flaps". Dina's classes give me total body conditioning, cardiac work out and toning that I cannot get at the gym with weights. It's fun, fast moving and effective! She really trains for proper form, keeps the classes varied and is there to offer personal tips and useful advice when she see's me struggling. She is a wonderful motivator, with a great sense of humor and I only wish I could take more classes during the week.







Total Trainer!

By Rik Brown / Dana Point,CA

Dina is a trainer with a complete package of kettlebell skills,teaching ability,and talent!At the 2008 UCLA certification she made the most advanced K.B. drills look easy. Her personality,knowledge,and energy insure success for anyone who desires quality training.







I feel great!

By Michelle Carbajal / Clovis, Ca

I am feeling better than ever. I have tried many workouts but Dina is the best. This is my first time working with Kettlebells and I love them. Dina has the knowledge, ability and drive and tailors the workout to challenge you. Dina's kettlebell knowledge is amazing, and she continues to challenge herself with ongoing training. I wholeheartedly recommend Dina as a trainor.







Lost my baby weight

By Stefani Galan / Fresno, CA

I started working out with Dina in January, just 2 months after giving birth to my first son. I have a shoulder injury and was told to give kettlebells a try. Before starting I had daily pain from the injury, now I feel stronger then ever and can lift my son without the pain. I couldn't imagine in such a short time, my stomach would have definition and my arms and shoulders would look so good. I am a true believer in kettlebells and let everyone know what a great and fun workout they are. Who knew you could be doing a squat, but feeling it in your abs the entire time! Dina is a wonderful teacher who is motivating and pays great attention to form and making sure my shoulder continues to heal. I plan to continue training with Dina for a very long time.







10/10 amazing!!!!

By Matt / Clovis,CA

Amazing! I have been working out all my life and nothing has compared to the workout Dina gives using Kettlebells. It is the best all over workout ever. She pushes you each time adding more and more weight to get the results you desire. Anyone looking to have a tighter core, more lean muscle, and get a cardio workout in needs to try kettlebells. Thanks Dina!









Changed my Workout!

By Kathleen Spain / Clovis, CA

I have never been a "gym rat" until I was introduced to Dina and kettlebells. She has changed my thinking on how I workout and how to take care of my body after. Dina encourages each individual personally. She focuses on your strenghts and helps to build your weaknesses. I love attending her classes!!! I am addicted and definetly can feel the difference when I miss. She is my teacher, and mentor, constantly improving herself. I would highly recommend Dina to anyone who wants an awesome overall trainer!!!








By Jim / Fresno, CA

My wife and I have been working with Dina for a little over a month and I am amazed. I had heard of Kettlebells back when Pavel wrote for Muscle Media but it wasn't until Dina gave a demo at our gym that I got on board. The results have been amazing. My back feels better, my core is stronger and I can't wait to see what is next. The best aspect of her teaching is her attention to the basics. She pounds proper form into us. Control the KB, manage your weight is her mantra. My wife and I will continue to have our butts kicked by this Super Mom.




10/10 "Super Mom" Trainer

By Heather Kane / Fresno,CA

Dina is the real deal! She is motivating, inspiring, encouraging and educating. Dina is very personable. Her desire is to make sure that I leave her class feeling accomplished. I love that she is so focused on correct form. As a yoga instructor I am very aware that correct form is key to training with Kettlebells. I am feeling stronger everyday! I also love that I can relate with Dina. She is a wife and mother. It is hard to ignore that Dina loves what she is doing. It's contagious!







10/10 Double Clean

By Doug Nepodal RKC Team Leader / Ventura, CA

Dina is a welcome addition the the RKC family. She worked her butt off during the whole UCLA RKC and came out on top. She pushed through some of the toughest training with out missing a beat and always finished with a smile. If you are looking for a good trainer you are done looking.