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Dina Juve has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for more than 20 years. She is the co-owner of a boutique studio FitnessSocial TM; specializing in fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and overall wellness. She is also a speaker, writer, entrepreneur, calorie conscious menu consultant, creator of Underneath the FatTM and numerous online programs. Dina is known Globally as a Top Expert and Celebrity Trainer specializing in Fitness, Weight Loss, Mindset, Overall Wellness, and Longevity.

With numerous certifications in fitness, nutrition, movement, meditation, mindset, and her recent graduation from Chopra University as a Perfect Health Instructor, Dina continues to work with companies that believe each of us can make a positive difference in the world.

Her menu at locally owned Patio Café is loved by those who want deliciously satiating meals that are low in calories, and she works with Chef Hillori at Whole Foods Market each month to create amazing meals with only five whole food ingredients. She is also an expert contributor for Women’s Health Magazine, where she was selected as one of their Top 5 Trainers nationally and featured on their cover. She continues to work with Women’s Health Magazine as a woman creating change in our world.

Dina understands there are times in life when we cannot control anything except choosing what we eat, what we think, and to move as much as we can. This has been learned firsthand. In recognition of her courage, determination and generosity, Dina was the recipient of the first Spirit of Women award by Saint Agnes Hospital.

As a six-year-old, Dina was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. By the age of 21, she weighed around 204 pounds. She has spinal stenosis and several genetic autoimmune diseases, she’s had multiple surgeries and has been hospitalized several times for months at a time, and only 8 weeks ago she had two artificial disks put in her cervical spine; just another bump in the road and one that will make her stronger than ever. She also experienced the death of her daughter after holding her for the longest two hours of her life.

Yet, at 44 she still feels better than she did at 21! As a businesswoman, wife and mother of four, Dina understands exactly how challenging it can be to lose weight, live healthily and prioritize one’s self. It is her personal experience combined with her continuing education that makes her the transformation guru. Since turning her life around more than two decades ago and shedding 90 pounds, Dina has worked with thousands of people, helping them to achieve overall wellness through exercise, balanced nutrition, mindset techniques, meditation, Z-health mobility, and fostering meaningful connections with others; the keys to enjoying a healthy lifestyle in the 21st Century.

Melissa Oberti is always looking for the latest and best of everything to try or be a part of and when it comes to health and fitness, she has found it! After taking a few years off from a steady exercise routine to raise her two children, Melissa had a desire to train for the Women’s Nike Marathon in San Francisco. Although the marathon was on her bucket list, she also wanted to get back into shape and saw this as a win-win for both goals. Through the amazing help of Team in Training and after five long months of training, she completed her first marathon. Thrilled with her marathon results, but disappointed with her overall body results, Melissa heard about kettlebells and took her first class with RKC Certified Russian Kettlebell Instructor Dina Juve in the fall of 2010. Due to the fact that she could get both cardio and strength training done in one 45 minute class and burn close to 900 calories per class, she instantly fell in love with kettlebells. Not being one to stick to “group” classes, she soon found herself “addicted” to Kettlebells after seeing how quickly she could reach her goals and actually see the results in her body…..results she never saw during her five months of marathon training.

After realizing the need to offer Kettlebells, TRX and the latest health and fitness information in a motivating and supportive environment, Melissa and Dina launched FitnessSocial to help others quickly obtain the results they want and to stay up to date with the latest in the industry. Come by FitnessSocial Studio and see why Melissa became addicted to Kettlebells and try the Kettlebell/TRX Combo class……..one of her “favorite” classes. Melissa is KBI Certified in Kettlebells & TRX Certified.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family, snow skiing, cycling and running with her son when time allows.

Kristen enjoys living a healthy lifestyle and working out is part of her daily routine. It was difficult for her to find the time to manage her workouts and career in the health industry. Kristen was introduced to Kettlebells through Dina Juve and immediately became hooked on this workout. Kettlebells have given her the solution to balancing her busy career and passion for working out. Kristen was able to achieve better and quicker results in a shorter time through Kettlebells. Kristen became a certified Kettlebells Instructor with the Kettlebell Institute in the spring of 2012 and now teaches classes at FitnessSocial Studio. She is excited to help others achieve their goals and quick results through Kettlebells and TRX.

For over 25 years I have been passionately involved in the health and fitness industry which continues to inspire me to learn more about the path to a healthy lifestyle. About 13 years ago I had just overcome a battle with breast cancer and began to regularly practice yoga. The practice of yoga propelled me on a healthy journey to a more well rounded lifestyle both physically and mentally. Ten years ago I was inspired to begin teaching yoga, which added even more joy to my life. Yoga is a wonderful tool in a healthy lifestyle and has many fantastic benefits such as less injuries, fewer illnesses, and most importantly a mind which is more clear and calm. I am grateful yoga has made me more conscious of reacting to life and instead thoughtfully acknowledge and clearly respond through its many experiences. My intention in teaching Yoga is to help others move through their lives armed with strength, balance and grace. Namaste

My love of movement began at the age of seven when I started dancing. I studied Tap, Ballet, and Luigi style Jazz all through my childhood. In 1991, at the age of eighteen I began teaching. I taught in Fresno for my wonderful teacher and mentor Terry Clark for seven years. In 1993, Terry opened a second studio in Clovis which I managed with a colleague and taught classes until 1998. At the Dance Centre I taught Tap, Ballet, and Jazz to children as young as three and as old as sixty eight. Combining my love and dance movement with my love of children made all my years of teaching a wonderful and fulfilling experience. From 1995-1998, I also taught for Fresno Unified School District at Balderas Elementary School. They were fortunate to have a humanities program where all the classes rotated through art, music, story-telling and dance. At Balderas I was able to design classes that involved motor skill and movement pattern games and songs as well as cultural dance. This was a wonderful opportunity and challenge teaching in such a different environment from a studio setting, with so many different personalities, ages and backgrounds to interact with.

In 1998 I moved to San Francisco where I lived until 2002. While there, I taught for Lisa Brown at the Sunset Academy of Dance in San Francisco as well as for Cece Bechelli at Happy Feet Dancing School in Mill Valley, Ca. I was fortunate to meet and work with both of these talented ladies and share my love of dance with their students as well. There are so many ways to live healthy and enjoy the benefits of exercise and it was great to share my skills and experience with other talented people while of course learning from them as well.

In 2002, I moved to Seattle for a year where I worked in a day care center and was able to care for children who were younger than I had previously worked with. Working with the one to three year old children was a delightful surprise and my love of children grew.

When I returned to Fresno I began study in child development and taught part time. I soon became a full time mother and continued to teach part time until the birth of my second daughter in 2007. In 2010, I was introduced to kettlebells and interval training with a crossfit style. In 2011, I was introduced to Dina Juve, who is the only women Russian Kettlebell Certified (RKC) instructor in the Fresno area. With her I began study of RKC style kettlebell training and was introduced to the TRX suspension training system I fell in love and was thrilled to learn a new form of movement that I enjoyed so much. I was even more thrilled when I experienced such fantastic results and was able to return to my pre-baby weight and strength. I continued to increase the frequency of my workouts because I enjoyed every single one. In March 2013, I earned a certification in TRX Suspension Training and in November 2013 I received my Kettlebell Movement Code Certification with Kenneth Jay & The Kettlebell Institute.  I  continue to love this journey of movement learning and feel fortunate to be able to share my love of movement with others!

Heidi Hogue graduated with a BA in English Communications & is currently working as a pharmaceutical sales representative for Daiichi Sankyo. Heidi has a background in personal training & competing in local & national figure competitions. Her love for fitness began after she hit a personal low with her weight about a year after she was involved in a tragic car accident in which both her mother and brother passed away. Heidi turned to food and an unhealthy lifestyle to numb the pain, but soon realized that this was not the life she was intended to live. Seeking direction, she hired a personal trainer & learned about eating healthy foods, strength & cardiovascular training and soon began to see changes in not only her body but the whole direction of her life. This strong foundation of knowledge has become a passion that has become her way of life.

Always eager to try a new fitness activity, Heidi took her 1st Kettlebell class from Dina Juve and Tish Cerioni-Zafferano last year, 6 months after she had her daughter. The results she got in a short period of time exceeded her expectations and this phenomenal comprehensive workout has become her primary fitness focus. Heidi got KBI certified in October 2012 so that she could teach & share with others the amazing results that Kettlebells offer. In March of 2013 Heidi received her TRX certification.

Sarah Viramontes believes that “fitness” is about feeling great physically, mentally, and spiritually, and not about reaching a certain number on a scale. Her own fitness journey began with competitive swimming and water polo in high school and then college, where she learned dedication and the value of consistent training. She continued to apply those traits in her ongoing pursuit of fitness by regularly training and teaching at FitnessSocial, and by obtaining certification in Kettlebell and advanced training in TRX.
As an instructor, Sarah uses her knowledge and creativity to motivate, inspire, and empower each person she trains in the invigorating, stimulating, and fun environment at FitnessSocial. She knows that each person’s body is unique and can modify exercises as necessary for individual needs. She wants to help you improve your fitness and find greater enjoyment of life with your friends and loved ones.

Renewed vitality and strength awaits you!

Amanda has always been moving, starting with dance as a child, volleyball in high school and then as dance major at Oklahoma City University. Her second year in college, she changed her major to psychology. After this change, she no longer danced hours a day, and something needed to fill the void. She began working at a local gym and found her next love…teaching fitness classes. She was first certified with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) in 1993 and taught all kinds of classes and formats. She trained in Las Vegas with semi-pro boxers and was later certified in KickFit Kickboxing in Florida by a female Muay Thai world champion. She taught every day after school – it was the yin and yang she needed to get mentally and physically though graduate school. She even competed in the National Fitness America competition. She completed her master’s degree at University of Nevada, Reno and her Ph.D. in psychology at Florida State (Go Seminoles!). Amanda began work in her field of behavioral psychology but always adored her after work fitness classes. She had the good fortune of being introduced to yoga in Sacramento in 2001. She trained for two years with YogaFit and became a level 4 instructor. Amanda then moved back to Reno where she opened a studio that offered dance, fitness, kickboxing and yoga. After her second child was born, a change was in the air and Amanda moved to Fresno to accept a position as a professor in the psychology department at Fresno State. While in Fresno, she taught at GB3, Shapemakers, and Gold’s Gym.

Two year ago, Amanda left Fresno State to open her own autism treatment center called the California Autism Center, where she serves as CEO. It was a big change, and after two kids and career, she needed a kick start to her tired fitness routine. Finding FitnessSocial was a breath of fresh air! Dina’s story was the inspiration she was seeking and the atmosphere and philosophy that she and Melissa have created captured Amanda’s attention and enthusiasm! She enjoyed taking classes and learning from fabulous instructors here at FitnessSocial for two years and thought, “If only one day I could teach here!” And then that day came! Amanda has trained with HCK and Strong First certified instructor Aaron Hunter and will continue with two more certifications in Dragon Door Kettelbells and TRX suspension training. She is so excited to be a part of the FitnessSocial team and hopes to pay forward the inspiration, challenge and beauty that she has found at this wonderful place!

Taryn has been practicing Yoga for over six years. But, it was during her residency on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and her daily routine of Yoga and swimming in the crystal clear waters, that truly brought clarity and consciousness to her life. She was able to opened her eyes and heart to her true passion and love for the practice. Having always been drawn to health, fitness and alternative choices in healthcare, Taryn quickly realized she wanted to expand her understanding and depth of the practice in hopes to share her knowledge and passion with others. She then departed from her tropical Yoga paradise back to the mainland to complete her Yoga teacher training. Taryn received her 200 hour Instructor certificate from the Yoga Alliance Recognized, Ananda Yoga at the Expanding Light. A beautiful Ashram on 900 acres of meadows and forest a midst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California. She spent all day, seven days a week studying and practicing Yoga and slept in a meadow beneath the stars every night. It was an experience she will never forget.

Since then, Taryn has also traveled to Costa Rica to study Hot Yoga with the the Hot Yoga Doctor herself, Gabrielle Raiz. Taryn has learned a lot through her travels and and experience. She will continue to study, grow and expand her knowledge independently, through her own practice and her teaching. Yet, she will always consider herself a student first and a teacher second. This spiritual practice has brought an abondance of peace into her life and she hopes to share this same sense of peace with her students.

When Taryn is not teaching, practicing or studying Yoga, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking vegan meals, the ocean, riding her bike, reggae music and traveling. Taryn's dream would be to travel around the world practicing Yoga, teaching, learning from others, feasting on vegan cuisine and exploring the beauty that exists in even the smallest pockets of the world.

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