Nutrition Plans with Dina Juve




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All of my plans are customized based on your eating habits, lifestyle and goals.  My plans have been developed based on my 10 years of experience in the Health & Fitness Industry.  Check with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.   You are following this plan at your own risk. 


Customized Nutrition Plans

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  • • 30 minute appointment to discuss eating habits, lifestyle, work schedule, fitness level, workout schedule & short        term and long-term weight loss goals

  • • Review food journal together and gather information to customize plan

  • • Develop customized plan

  • • 30 minute appointment to go over final plan

  • • 1 plan revision, if needed

  • • Recommend weekly to bi-weekly check-in's

  • • Email check-ins while on the plan


To Get Started on a Customized Nutrition Plan: 


Once you pay for the Custom Nutrition Plan, you will be sent a waiver that needs to be read, agreed to, and returned.  Once you have returned the nutrition waiver, we will send you over a list of questions that needs to be filled out.  You will also need to start keeping a daily food journal as well.


The food journal requires you keep a daily journal for 7-10 days (more detailed the better), current weight & height and before photo.


Daily Journal Needs to Include:

  • • What you ate

  • • If you cooked or ate out

  • • What time you ate

  • • How you felt after eating (full, hungry, tired, energized, stomach hurt, etc)

  • • Workouts (what you did, intensity, length and how you felt while working out – strong, tired, hungry, etc)

  • • Foods that you strongly crave

  • • Foods you know you prefer not to give up



Fitness & Nutrition Training Consultations for goals

Call 559.324.8500 To Schedule


(phone or in studio)


30 minutes - $50.00


45 minutes - $65.00*


60 minutes - $80.00*


*New clients must do a 45 minute or 60 minute private session based on needs/goals. Session length will be determined by Dina. You will receive Dina Juve’s advice on your current diet and/or exercise program and how to make changes to lose weight or tone up to maximize your time and efforts.

This does not include a written plan. You will be responsible for taking all notes during this call.


Additional Check-ins by phone or in-person:


15 minutes – $35.00

(Weigh/Measure only and/or food journal drop-off)


30 minutes - $50.00

(Review of food journal)


45 minutes - $65.00

(Small Plan Revision)


60 minutes - $80.00

(Food/Weight Loss issues/Plan revisions)


Check-ins can include going over your current plan and making small changes for variety or to help push past a plateau. In person we will weigh-in and/or do measurements.