FitnessSocial Inc.




About FitnessSocial Studio:

FitnessSocial Studio is the premier Kettlebell & TRX® studio in the Central Valley. Each client is treated as an individual and not as a “one size fits all” approach. We love helping REAL PEOPLE obtain REAL RESULTS. Our primary emphasis is to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. In our FitnessSocial Studio we offer group classes, small group classes, semi-private trainings, private trainings, Z-Health mobility, weight loss and leaning out programs, customized nutrition plans, 30/60/90 day challenges, health seminars, workshops, and other additional services that promote a healthy lifestyle. We combine a passion for health and fitness and bring it all together in a fun and motivating environment to workout in.

We encourage everyone to come visit our FitnessSocial Studio located in Fresno, CA and have fun while training with the top instructors in the area. At FitnessSocial Studio, long lasting friendships and Real Results are formed together.


FitnessSocial On-line Services:

The on-line services of FitnessSocial offers result-based workout plans and all-natural nutrition plans, including the Lean Out Cleanse, Slim Down Program, Summer Body Plan, and customized nutrition plans to fit the clients busy lifestyle while still focusing on fast results. We also provide an on-line social network support that provides information and motivation to help you live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Join our on-line social network so you can be involved and benefit from our on-line services. ‘Like’ us on Facebook and keep up-to-date with new recipes, health and fitness related articles, and receive the support we all need to obtain fitness goals, eat a nutritious diet, and healthy lifestyle!


FitnessSocial Community:

FitnessSocial Studio will plan to host various charity events throughout the year to reach out to non-profit organizations in the community by providing fitness-themed charity events. We hope you will also join our FitnessSocial community so we can all make this world a healthier place to live. With the goal of recruiting participants to donate items needed by that organization and raise awareness for their cause, it is a win-win scenario for all those that participate. You will be part of something bigger than yourself and you will receive the motivation and support from FitnessSocial to build some very special relationships. The charity wins by receiving the items needed to fulfill their mission.


Live Fit…Live Healthy!