Stephen Quick

Stephen has many years of experience in the Fitness, Strength and Conditioning, and Crossfit industry. He received his B.S in Electrical Engineering during which worked as a Personal Trainer at a large scale commercial gym and programmed for individualized client and athlete needs. During this time Stephen began utilizing General Physical Preparedness philosophy training with his client programming. This included Tabata, Interval, max effort as well as functional body building. Stephen was a multi-sport athlete and competed in volleyball at the tournament level. He regularly competes in local crossfit competitions throughout the valley at the prescribed level which requires advanced movement skills and high strength capabilities. He is a member of a local Olympic Weightlifting barbell club affiliated with USAW. He continues to expand his knowledge and personal goals in all realms of fitness. Stephen’s main fitness interest is in functional fitness. Stephen’s main job is a project manager at a large utility however his drive to teach and help others reach their personal fitness goals keep him in the fitness industry. He enjoys working with people in group or personal level to expand their mobility, strength and metabolic conditioning. His training philosophy is to move well and look good too.
Onnit Foundations

Years of Experience:
15 years

Functional Training
Endurance Training
Strength and Conditioning
Olympic Weightlifting
Power Lifting

BS in Electrical Engineering

Stephen Quick is currently not instructing any classes.