Ludmila W.

Ludmila Woodruff moved to Fresno from Antwerp, Belgium with her husband and three-year-old son in August 2014. Ludmila graduated with a MA in translation in English, Dutch and Polish in Antwerp in 2007. When she was younger she was always involved in sports and especially enjoyed swimming, becoming a lifeguard at the age of 17. When she moved from her homeland of Poland to Belgium at the age of 19, the intensity of a new culture, work, and University studies together all pushed sports activities off of her priority list. After her second son’s birth in June of 2016 she felt physically and emotionally exhausted. Ludmila realized it was time to prioritize her mental and physical health again, for both herself and her family. She signed up at FitnessSocial in September 2016 and worked hard and consistently to regain her energy and loose the weight that was making her feel so tired. She loved the workouts and the community of FitnessSocial. A few months later she committed to work with Dina Juve on weight loss, stress management, and to prepare for the Cardio Code Certification with Dr. Kenneth Jay. Ludmila attended the Kettlebell and Mobility training in LA in May 2017 where she received her certification. When a teaching opening arose at FitnessSocial, Ludmila was excited about the opportunity to help others and share her love for the movement, self-care, self-love and health that comes from physical activity in a supportive community. Ludmila is very enthusiastic about her results and how the whole process has helped her lose weight (25lbs), find a new passion, have more energy, and rediscover herself again. Ludmila teaches Kettlebell classes and incorporates TRX, Pilates, Barre and much more to keep her workouts engaging and effective. Her mantra is ‘commit, show up, smile and do what you can with what you can today, and the rest will fall into its place.

Ludmila W. instructs the following: